chattahoochee-basin_mapChattahoochee Chipola River Basin

Mission Statement: To protect and improve the water resources of the Chattahoochee and Chipola basins to foster sustainable economic development and advance the goals of the Clean Water Act through basin-wide public, private and interstate partnerships.

Watershed at a Glance

  • Chattahoochee River - Originates in northeast Georgia flowing southwest through Atlanta. Just downstream of West Point Dam it forms the border of Alabama and Georgia, continuing south to the Florida Panhandle where it joins the Flint River in Lake Seminole and forms the Apalachicola River and flows southward to Apalachicola Bay
  • Chipola River – an Apalachicola tributary; originates in Houston County, AL south of Dothan
  • Drainage Area – 8,700 square miles, 2,832 in Alabama
  • Major Impoundments – Eleven dams on mainstem: West Point, Langdale, River View, Bartletts Ferry, Goat Rock, Oliver, North Highlands, City Mills, Eagle/Phenix, Eufaula, and Andrews
  • Land Use – forested, agriculture/pasture, urban

Watershed Management Plans

Basin Documents

Title Type Size
pdf Chattahoochee & Chipola River Basins NWQI Nominated Watersheds 2013 pdf 33 KB Download
pdf Joint Meeting Minutes 8-14-12 pdf 209 KB Download
pdf Stakeholder Meeting Minutes 6-18-13 pdf 43 KB Download
pdf Stakeholder Meeting Minutes 5-8-12 pdf 200 KB Download
docx Stakeholder Meeting Minutes 2-14-12 docx 20 KB Download